Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jenny's Snuggle Bed

Not a new idea, I'm very sure, about snuggle beds (aka sleeping bags) for dogs. Certainly new for me to make this myself. It occurred to me how to put the pieces together so that the cover is the right side up and not all messed up when sewn together. I made a super tiny sample before stitching the actual pieces together. There's nothing worse than unpicking sewn stitches.

There is obviously room for improvement, I am thinking of making a new one with a raised edge at the back so that she won't slip backwards. You can see in the first image how she is slipping down if she doesn't go under the cover.

Jenny trying out her new 50" snuggle bed

The cover is made with fleece on the inside

Handle for carrying

Tufting with fabric buttons

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