Friday, November 28, 2014


Jenny curls up to sleep on her "blankie"

Wow, we have from spring-like to almost sub-Artic temperatures within this week! With the windchill factor, it feels like -4°C instead of 2°C. I know it's even colder in some parts of the world but hey, it's still pretty darn cold to me!!

Jenny agrees fully with me, I'm sure. She definitely prefers to stay indoors, curled like a cooked shrimp on her "blankie", when it rains or when the temperature dips below "normal-for-humans-like-me".  During this morning's walk, we met Schröder, a 12-year-old black Dachshund-Cocker mix and Jenny had a few minutes of playtime with him, enough for both of us dog owners to forget about the cold while watching them fool around. Schröder announced most clearly when he had enough from the youngster.

No, I don't put a sweater or cape or those doggy outfits on Jenny. I'm not keen on those outfits for our pets. It's not natural for dogs to wear a sweater. They are born with their own "sweaters" which is called fur (except for the, say, Mexican Hairless, which I can fully understand their owners putting on a warm outfit when it's too cold for the Mexican Hairless to deal with). Their resistance to the cold is affected when we make them wear the "unnatural sweaters". Dogs in the wild will probably have a good laugh at our dogs in the doggy-outfits if they ever saw our dogs in suits.

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