Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life-long training

Ever realised that it's a life-long training for our dogs even if you have gotten your dog to do what it's supposed to do? It doesn't mean that once your dog has learned to sit when given the command means training is over. We literally have to train the dog till the end of its days - ever have your dog give you that naughty glint and ignore your commands? Yes, that's what I mean with regular and life-long training as all dogs will try ever now and then to see if they can cut corners with us or even take the upper hand. Though, our dogs train us just as much as we them!

Watch Jenny do three roll-overs in the video before she takes the snack from my hand!

We go to a group training (dog training) once a week where there are five owners with six dogs (one lady has two dogs). Our group has been together since the beginning of this year. Classes are held in the woods and every two months or so, the trainer selects a new venue - though always in the woods. I have to say, from Jenny's reaction, she is just as enthused about meeting with her "classmates" as well as I do! It's always fun to watch how the dogs react with each other upon unloading from the cars and the progress we all make each week.

I can't say how long we will be with this group, I enjoy it thoroughly and realise that it's like going to kindergarten for my dog. She learns as much as I do by watching the other owners with their dogs and generally you learn how to read other dogs as well as your own better.