Monday, August 11, 2014

It's been a long time...

...since I last blogged about my Dackel ("Dackel" means "Dachshund" in German in case you don't know yet). I have had a family emergency which made me literally dropped everything I was doing. In any case, Jenny wasn't neglected -  no, that will not happen. There will always be someone taking care of Jenny when I'm occupied with other urgent matters.

Jenny turned two this June and yes, she's maturing beautifully. She has a lovely character and personality. Well, she sure knows how to melt your heart, she has what the Germans call a "Dackelblick" - literally translated meaning, "Dachshund blick or look" - one can hardly say no to her when she gives you that gooey look. Which doesn't mean that she gets her way all the time! 

We have "curbed" her hunting instinct pretty well - it has been almost a year ago when her hunting instincts were jerked into action by the calls of the marmot while we were trekking in Kleinwalsertal (the German and Austrian alps). Luckily she was on leash and wasn't able to run after the marmots. 

I have spent the past year training her hard. Training her to be obedient and come upon recall. She walks off-leash quite well - considering she's a dachshund and not a golden retriever, I'm pretty happy with the results so far - and comes upon recall quite reliably.

We, i.e. Jenny and I, attend obedience class once a week. You can see how Jenny lights up the minute we pull into the parking lot - our obedience classes are held in the woods - she can't wait to get out of the car to meet her class buddies!

Jenny and her "Dackelblick"
how can one refuse her with that look?