Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Stay Healthy

Jenny at the beach in Denmark
Well, what's the best way to boost your dog's as well as your own health? The simplest way is to go for obedience class in the freezing temperatures - now, that's a sure way of keeping any

winter virus away from you.

This is the second winter where Jenny and I are attending obedience class and as before, the Arctic cold has hit northern Germany pretty hard this time of the year. Today's temperature was about 1°C. I can't complain about the class and I can safely speak for Jenny - ok, she can't voice her opinions really, I know - she enjoys meeting her classmates once a week. There are five of handlers, including me, with six dogs. Patricia has two dogs and works with both of them at the same time during class. Of course, in some obedience exercises, she has to hand one dog to our trainer, Tonja Kalski. 

It's a great mixture of handlers and dogs, from 10 month old Leo (the wildest and biggest of all, but has improved tremendously as Annette is consistently working with him - I have yet to find out what breed Leo is) to a 6 year old Paula (a Entlerbucher Mountain Dog) who belongs to Patricia. Patricia also has 2 year old Amy, a tricolour King Charles Cavalier, and Amy happens to be Jenny's best friend.

Buddy, a 2- year old Labrador Retriever, belongs to J├╝rgen and his wife - I forget her name, they come either together or separately to handle their dog. Buddy and Leo are great friends, they are similar in size. Jenny will chase them when they both play - being a Dachshund, she is basically "hunting" (giving chase) them.

Another young mixed breed is Rumus belongs to Nelli, I can't recall Rumus' age but is likely a young dog. Rumus is black and tan with longish fur. Not too large and he is pretty much the odd ball there - he doesn't really have a "best friend" as far as I can see. You see, Paula is a loner and perhaps she's out of the "playing" stage. She usually hangs around her owner and Rumus tries to fit into one of two groups (Jenny-Amy and Leo-Buddy).

Tonja's 8 year old Lana , a Hovowart, occasionally joins our class - she does keep an eye on our dogs and teaches them manners every now and then. Jenny adores Lana and is constantly trying to get her attention. When Lana does communicate with Jenny, I swear Jenny swoons with joy.

So, yeah, that's one way of boosting our immunity and health by working in the cold temperatures with our four-legged companions.

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