Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Homecooked, simply the best!

I've always prepared food for our dogs as I do not trust what is in any commercial dog food. What your dog eats is reflected not only in his coat but his health as well. Take my word for it, Sandy, our Goldie who passed away at 15+ last year was only at the vet's for his annual shots and occasional tummy upset from stuff he picked up from our walks. He was in perfect health well into his old age.

The same goes for Jenny, I prepare her food about once every two-three weeks. I use a 5-liter slow-cooker to do the job. She gets a mixture of vegetables and meat - I rotate the meat each time I cook, i.e. I select between chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. This week, I bought her fallow deer meat, a luxury one might say, but it was freshly slaughtered and the meat was lean.

I diced the veggies and meats as you see in the photos. Simply turn on the slow cooker to low and let cook for about 8 hours. See, hardly any fuss!

Once the food is cooked, I cool them down quick - in summer, I use ice cubes and in winter, I leave it outdoors (only when the temperatures dip lower than 5°C, otherwise I use ice cubes) and then, place them into silicon muffin moulds and freeze them. The next morning, I pop them out and store them in a ziplock bag. 

I microwave her "meat-muffins" for 2 minutes whenever she has her meals, serve it with a hardboiled egg and a tablespoon of cottage cheese. On top of that, she gets a serving of coconut oil, yeast tablets and spirulina in her food. 

Her coat is gorgeously shiny and soft. We have been getting plenty of compliments about her beautiful coat and slim figure. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jenny, our new Dackel (Dachshund)

Jenny, a standard smooth-haired red dachshund, is born on 25 June 2013 - the same day as our Golden Retriever, Sandy, passed away on. We consider this as Sandy's gift to us, he departs the Earth to let a new life enter in his place.

This is a journal of Jenny and we thought it would be fun to document her life and development. We hope you will enjoy her story as much as we enjoy having her as our family dog.

Here are some photos of Jenny at puppyhood. Until the next blog, have a great new week!